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Privacy Screens

• Lightweight, durable aluminium construction

• Approximate weight of five-panel screen – 6kg

• One-person operation

• Integral hinges

• Fire retardent PVC with integral fibreglass weave

• Can be shaped around any object or area

• Customised design according to requirements

• Folds away to one panel width for easy storage

• Panels can be printed with promotional material

• Available in a variety of colours


  1. Cross feet for added stability

  2. Additional infill panels and joinings

  3. Clear plastic A3 size pocket

  4. Transportation bag

UTC 33

• Can be set up as a “cabin” (including door section) or

• A single, free-standing seclusion screen

• Can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation

• Panels can be imprinted with promotional material if desired


• Cross feet for added stability

• Additional infill panels and joinings

• PVC “door” section

• Reinforced transportation bag

• Standard transportation bag

Acime Frame Eclipsroll Screens

  1. Telegraphic arms for versatile screening and compact storage.

  2. Epoxy steel frame (grey).

  3. Frame fixed on 5 75mm. castors.

  4. Includes brake.

  5. One or two telescopic arms.

Acime Frame Panel Screens

  1. Mounted on polyamide castors for easy mobility.

  2. Anodized aluminium frame.

  3. ‘T’ form frame for better stability.

  4. 20 x 20mm. tubing.

  5. Compact storage.