Strub UK Ltd., Registered in England No. 3676424 

WEEE Producer Registration No.: WEE/DH1117VX 


Optima Long Chair

The Optima Long Chair offers an excellent compromise between ease of daily use and quick setup for mobile teams.

The design of the chair is built around a rectangular aluminium tubing frame. This approach gives rigidity, strength, ground stability and minimal weight.

• Easy maintenance.

• Rapid setup.

• Built for reliability.

• Comfortable and ergonomic.

  1. Backrest can be positioned with the head lower than the legs.

  2. Utilises a gas piston to make raising and lowering the backrest whilst a donor is seated easier.

  3. Maximum donor weight 160kg.

Weight capacity:                               160 kg

Width:                                                  64 cm

Height of seat:                                    60 cm

Height at top of armrest:                    80 cm

The Optima features quick and easy setup on-site with no tools required.